Roster Guidelines

1. Team roster must be on  Team roster must be kept current.  If roster goes below nine (9) players, your points accumulated will disappear until roster again reaches at least nine (9) players.
2. Players must meet age/classification requirements.

3. A player may not be on more than one roster.

4. All rosters will be LOCKED (defined below) the week of a team's first outdoor USSSA event or March 1, whichever occurs first. We are requiring teams to make sure their roster is current at that time.

5. A player must be on a USSSA roster to be considered a guest player.  A player not on another USSSA roster must be ADDED to your roster and is not considered a guest player. You must add through manage my guest player in your USSSA account.

LOCKED roster:  All USSSA rosters will be locked on March 1st.  Teams that are LOCKED are still able to edit their roster at any point, but they are required to complete the roster change form (found on the home page of this site) for changes to be made.