Qualification Guidelines

1. Championship tournament play is defined as State and World Series/National Championship play.

2. State championship berths shall be awarded to all teams that participate in a minimum of two (2) USSSA sanctioned qualifying events.  Sanctioned USSSA league play will count as one (1) event.  

Rec. teams participating in an online USSSA sanctioned league will automatically qualify.  If the league is not posted online or USSSA sanctioned, the above qualification guidelines apply.

3. Teams may participate in more than one (1) State event.

4.  Only USSSA registered Oklahoma teams will be allowed to participate in the Oklahoma State tournament unless approved by the State director.  A Border Wars State Tournament Event has been added that allows teams from bordering states.

5. World Series/National Championship berths will be awarded to all teams that have met the requirements for and participated in a spring State tournament.

6. A signed roster must be submitted at check in of an Oklahoma State USSSA championship event.

7. Pick up players are not allowed in State Championship play.

8. Rosters will be locked on March 1.  All changes to roster after March 1 must go through the State Director.

9. Rosters will be frozen at the State Tournament.  Players can NOT be on two rosters once rosters are frozen.

10. A team may add/drop up to three (3) players to their frozen roster.  Added players cannot be on another frozen roster, or from a higher classification.  Changes must be made prior to the teams first game in World Series/National Championship play.  All changes to the roster must go through the State Director.

11.  USSSA points will be used for the seeding of teams at all USSSA State and World Series/National Championship events.

12.  Teams registered in 14A, 15-18 (all divisions) will not have to meet the qualifying requirements to play in State and World Series/National Championship events, however, their roster will be frozen at the time they enter a State or World Series/National Championship event.

13.  The Road to Orlando event does not require qualification.   However, if a team entering the Road to Orlando tournament has no USSSA history, they must play in the "A" division.