Pick-Up Player Form

1. A player may NOT play DOWN in class from the team she is officially rostered with.  Example:  A player that is 10 and registered with a 10B team may pick-up with an "A/B/Open team; she cannot pick-up with a "C/Rec team.
2. A player that plays up in age can play her legal age with another team, but must stay within the same classification or higher.  See age requirements.
3. A player must be on a USSSA roster to be considered a pick-up player.  A player not on another USSSA roster must be ADDED to your roster and is not considered a pick-up.
4. You must complete the Pick-up Player Form, print out  a copy and turn in at tournament site.  You will need to submit the form for for EACH pick-up player that is with your team on any given weekend.  Pick-up players are NOT to be added to your online roster. 
5. A pick-up player can still be deemed an illegal player via protest through Tournament Director.