Classification Guidelines

1.  A players classification is based on said players roster status at the time of their initial participation in a USSSA sanctioned event, or March 1, whichever occurs first.

2. Initial team classification is determined by the team.  Team is subject to reclassification at any time during the season. Reclassification will be based on the following guidelines based on a minimum of 8 scored games:

Moving up in Classification:
1100 Power Rating
70% Win Percentage
+4 Run Differential
Placing 1st/2nd in 3 or more events

Moving down in Classification:
400 Power Rating
30% Win Percentage
-4 Run Differential
*We will not automatically move a team down, but if a request is made these are the base guidelines.

Classifications will lock in at the end of May for the current season.

3. Teams/players can request to be reclassified.  All requests must be sent to State Director in writing (form on home page for teams). Requests must be made by coach/manager of record.  

4. Class "A teams cannot play in "B/C/Rec events.  Class "B teams cannot play in "C/Rec events; their roster may not contain any class "A players.  Class "C teams cannot play in "Rec events; their roster may not contain any class "A/B players.  Rec. teams may play in all events; their roster may not contain any class "A/B/C players.  

5.  All teams can play in Open events; however team will be subject to reclassification to higher class when playing up more than one classification.

6.  Teams may not self classify as a "C" or "Rec/All-Star" team.  Team must initially register as an "A/B/Open" team and then complete the request to reclassify form for consideration of a change in classification to "C" or "Rec/All-Star".  

7. What class should I register?  

Class A:  Team consists of high level players, team has more than one Ace level pitcher, team competes and consistently beats teams that are better, team is put together through tryouts, team travels frequently and far to compete, showcase focused, competes in national level championship games, very competitive.

Class B:  Majority of team are above average level players, team has strong pitching, team competes and wins more than loses, team is put together through tryouts, travels to play, may attend a showcase, attends national level events, medium level competitive.

Class C:  Majority of team is talented but still learning, minimal pitching, team beats rec/allstar teams soundly, team mostly consists of players moving up from rec. league, plays locally, is not showcase focused, attends local national level events, beginning level competitive.

Class Rec/AllStar:  New to softball, still learning, minimal or no pitching, loses more than wins, team formed through league, plays league and a few tournaments, does not attend showcase events, state is usually highest championship tournament, low level to non-competitive.